We Love You All. Really, We Do!

10 05 2013

Our contest entries are going well and we wanted to make sure that you knew that the contest is open to everyone who’s involved with food and isn’t a conglomerate. 

restaurant owner= yes, gelateria owner= yes, dairyman/woman/family cheese maker= yes           

fast food restaurant owner= no, more than 30 flavors gelateria shop= no, cheese company that has those stupid commercial with the kids trying to say their name in italian with the hand thing = NO! nfw!

We could certainly get more noise going by allowing any entity to enter, but we’re focusing on our core, both in target and what we focus on. We want to see the passion in your food, your place, your business for that’s what we can truly show off with great imagery. If the story would be about corporate profit, or mass production, we couldn’t do that.


You — be soulful and passionate. be involved, social

Us  — let that passion be seen, be admired and engage people








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