Amy’s Baking and Meltdown Company

21 05 2013


Brand is a promise. Amy’s brand is that she’s promised to customers, blame others and ensure a fiasco. Wonderful.

We put together a Bundlr with the timeline of the Amy’s Baking fiasco from Chow Bella, THE Phoenix area foodblog.

Clearly, if you’re a restauranteur, or anyone who owns a business, you don’t want to do this. Again, it seems logical, but here we are.

When you’re in crisis mode and you’re emotionally invested in the process or conflict, the results might not be what you’d expect otherwise. These folks had a PR agency, albeit, perhaps not the best, but they believed they knew better than a professional. They didn’t rely on people who are not in the middle of crisis mode and are not the target of criticism when they needed it most.


Please, hire someone to do your PR…ESPECIALLY if you’re on television. This is the national stage. It might go sideways just on Yelp. It DEFINITELY will go sideways with Yelp, Twitter and Facebook all backed up with 15 million people watching.

If you have a need for someone, please contact us ASAP. We don’t do PR, but we know several great firms/agencies that we would trust our livelyhood to.

..and for a late update, here’s the most recent addition that’t not in the bundle. I know, I know…..watching trains collied is difficult, but it’s more difficult to turn your head.

Don’t do this……But if you do, then do this.

21 05 2013


Ferraro, the makers of Nutella, make a huge misstep here and go the litigious route from the beginning. Isolating a community is an obvious faux-pas. It’s a windfall to have community self-build and promote.

Sara Rosso started World Nutella Day. Ferraro sent her a cease and desist letter. Clearly, they recovered and perhaps that was the plan all along? It takes a lot of work to build a brand, a lot less work to monitor and advise and heavy lifting to rebuild what you’ve destroyed. Don’t do this!

Our advice: If someone is building your brand for you, monitor and support. ALOT….of BOTH!!!

Our recommendation to Ferraro: Lifetime supply of Nutella for all Sara’s done to further something she loves…your brand…..and to cover her legal costs for your senselessness. Also, fire your counsel. Their advice us diluting your brand.

Check out Sara at

The article with the details:

And of course, most importantly,