from the…”Department of Blue”

2 07 2013

We focus on doing one thing, that is, we play in one space. Food and Spirits. We like to think we do a good job for our clients, provide meaningful, engaging content and at the end of the day, make some meaningful connections between our clients (restaurants, wineries, food purveyors, breweries, distilleries) and their audience….their potential clients.

SLO Down Wines (not one of our clients) put together a suite of 3 spots as noted below….go ahead and click thru and watch the spots. Go ahead….you know you want to!

slo down screen shot

…..and that’s what they’re playing on.

So, when you’ve named your wine “Sexual Chocolate”, it’s made to 14.5% ABV and your website doesn’t have age gates, it’s safe to say that being salacious is not a concern for you. They seem to have their target demo right in their sights, are aiming at it and may or may not be scoring. It seems to be a theme, well, actually, THE theme with the brand.

Salacious takes some cohones, but, let’s face it, it’s easy.

We’re not in favor of easy. We’re in favor of honesty. Sure, we like the irreverence that they bring to the table here, and it certainly is going to get them some noise, but is all noise good noise?

Easy is trite. It’s temporary. It’s a one hit wonder.

Creating is where the talent lies. Clever is clever. Real connections come not from how raunchy you can make your campaign…that’s just self-righteous.  They come from how interested you can make your audience WITHOUT resorting to a journey down “the easy road.”

Let us show you how we can CREATE, be CLEVER and in so, CONNECT you with your audience. Genuinely!