FoodPhotography Friday #fpf

22 11 2013

Off to work with Saucy again this evening, so we thought one of their awesome pies would be a great idea for #fpf today.

Sausage, peppers, corn.

fpf 112213 sausage and peppers pie



Food Photography Friday #fpf

15 11 2013

Fresh, made to order Mozzarella. Crusty bread from the wood fired oven.

fpf 111513 fresh mozzarella with olive oil and crusty bread

Movember Project – Send a Clip, Help Raise Awareness (and it’s FREE)!!!

13 11 2013

Not me….I can’t do this in just 11 days!

At CHOWstudios, we’re men. We’re the kind of men who fall down, twist an ankle, spit on it, tape it up and get back in the game….but we’re also mindful of things that men MUST address and are too important to ignore.

We’re participating in our 4th Movember and while we like to think we do out part, we hope we can do a bit more this year.

EACH of you can help a little bit Mo’….by taking a quick clip of your face and your Mo’ with a phone, DSLR or other device and send it along to us to be included in a not-for-profit very short film to further the effort of raising awareness. Do us, and ALL men a favor and spend 5 minutess taking a few quick clips of you & your Mo’ and send it along via the link below. We’ll take all of the clips, massage them and pop out a finished project in nuthin’ flat.

We don’t have much time, so hurry and submit your clips at the link below:

…or email it to us:

Follow @chowstudios to get the link to the final product when it’s complete.

(Ladies, help the fellas! Please do us all a favor and send this to your favorite Mo’ farmer and ask him to help!!)

Thanks and Go For Mo!!!!!

c. jason mancebo

creative director and Mo’ farmer, CHOWstudios

#FoodPhotography Friday #fpf

8 11 2013

We believe that there’s not much better than bread and cheese, Have a great weekend filled with both!

fpf 110813 bread olives fresh cheese

FoodPhotography Friday #fpf

1 11 2013

Ginger & lemongrass along with a great cleaver from Hong Kong we found in a recent prop-shopping expedition.

No doubt we’ll be seeing more of this cleaver in future work!

fpf 110113 cleaver with asian veg v2