#foodphotography friday — #fpf

28 02 2014

We’re happy to see rain in Sonoma County, not only for the grapes and other crops, but also, the allure of rainy day comfort food!

Happy #FPF

20140228 saucy meatballs


Happy Valentines #foodphotography Friday #fpf

14 02 2014

We hope your Valentines Day starts, continues and ends with lots of bubbles!

20140214 bubbles corks

February Bottling Special: At $50, We Might Have the Cheapest and BEST Bottle Shots & Technical Sheets for Wine, Beer, Cider and other Beverages!

7 02 2014

It’s about time to bottle! Bottle shots are a key component of every winery’s ¬†marketing efforts. While many studios out there can take care of your bottle shots, we believe that there’s more to it that just taking a shot and running it thru Photoshop. We value authenticity and believe that the best image is a result of the best, live, studio photography.

We avoid image manipulation using Photoshop, especially label pasting, as much as possible.¬†Our bottle shots aim for more life and reality than the typical shot you’ll find. A superior result requires a bit more time and effort, and normally, we’re not the least expensive option, but starting Feb 1, we just might be.

For the month, all new single-bottle shot orders will be priced at $50. That’s right, a “Grant” will get you a complete, cut out and ready-to-go AWESOME bottle shot in TIFF and JPEG formats, ready to go for use in printing, or on your site. Restrictions?? The only restriction is one bottle per shot. That’s it.

Additionally, all technical sheets are reduced and are also priced at $50. You send the specs and your logo, we’ll take care of the rest and deliver PDF files ready for both printing and the web.

For $100 and the price of shipping (or we’ll pick up in Sonoma County) you’ll get a fresh, crisp, new tech sheet with a new photo of a just bottled or ready to release wine.

Contact us at info@chowstudios.com to make arrangements and we’ll take it from there. You make it taste great and we’ll make it look great!