Bottle Shot $50 Super-Special Extended!!!!

4 03 2014

It’s true! We’ve extended our February special that we originally announced here:

So, now thru March, you can get a bottleshot or tech sheet of any single bottle of wine, beer, cider, mead, sake, distilled spirit or anything else for $50.

The offer is good for any new bottle we’ve not shot before and the only limitation is that it’s limited to a single bottle per image. (2 bottles in two images = $100)

herade do esporao quatro bottleshot (1)

Contact us at and we’ll get it going right away for you!!!


Happy Valentines #foodphotography Friday #fpf

14 02 2014

We hope your Valentines Day starts, continues and ends with lots of bubbles!

20140214 bubbles corks

February Bottling Special: At $50, We Might Have the Cheapest and BEST Bottle Shots & Technical Sheets for Wine, Beer, Cider and other Beverages!

7 02 2014

It’s about time to bottle! Bottle shots are a key component of every winery’s  marketing efforts. While many studios out there can take care of your bottle shots, we believe that there’s more to it that just taking a shot and running it thru Photoshop. We value authenticity and believe that the best image is a result of the best, live, studio photography.

We avoid image manipulation using Photoshop, especially label pasting, as much as possible. Our bottle shots aim for more life and reality than the typical shot you’ll find. A superior result requires a bit more time and effort, and normally, we’re not the least expensive option, but starting Feb 1, we just might be.

For the month, all new single-bottle shot orders will be priced at $50. That’s right, a “Grant” will get you a complete, cut out and ready-to-go AWESOME bottle shot in TIFF and JPEG formats, ready to go for use in printing, or on your site. Restrictions?? The only restriction is one bottle per shot. That’s it.

Additionally, all technical sheets are reduced and are also priced at $50. You send the specs and your logo, we’ll take care of the rest and deliver PDF files ready for both printing and the web.

For $100 and the price of shipping (or we’ll pick up in Sonoma County) you’ll get a fresh, crisp, new tech sheet with a new photo of a just bottled or ready to release wine.

Contact us at to make arrangements and we’ll take it from there. You make it taste great and we’ll make it look great!

FoodPhotography Friday #fpf

20 09 2013

ZInfandel in Dry Creek Valley. Happy #fpf

fpf 092013 zinfandel colors

Food Photography Friday #fpf

13 09 2013

The 2013 Harvest is ON, so another wine focused image seems in order today for #fpf . Vermentino grapes from the Sierra Foothills and our client Nico Wines. (shot & picked 4 Sept 2013)

fpf 091313 vermentino pick at bella grace for nico wines

Food Photography Friday #fpf

30 08 2013

Harvest is in full swing, so time for a wine related #fpf

fpf 082713 twisted oak cave

Wine in All 50 States!

9 07 2013

True! There’s a commercial winery in all 50 states!

We’re sure you’ve likely seen the iconic brands map and we thought we’d put together a map of the logos of commercial wineries of the US. Wine is a subjective subject, so these may or may not be the best, largest, etc, etc winery, but, the interesting fact is that there’s wine made from Alaska to Florida and California to Maine!



alabama —  ozan winery & vineyard

alaska —  alaskan wilderness wines

arizona —  callaghan vineyards

arkansas —  post familie vineyards

california —  chateau montelena winery

colorado —  canyon wind cellars

connecticut —  charmard vineyards

delaware —  nassau valley vineyards

florida —  lakeridge winery

georgia —  wolf mountain vineyards

hawaii —  volcano winery

idaho —  coeur d’alene cellars

illinois —  famous fossil winery

indiana —  oliver winery

iowa —  tassel ridge winery

kansas —  smoky hill winery

kentucky —  elk creek vineyards

louisiana —  feliciana cellars

maine —  blacksmiths winery

maryland — harford vineyard

massachusetts —  black birch vineyard

michigan —  st julian winery

minnesota —  carlos creek winery

mississippi —  old south winery

missouri —  stone hill winery

montana —  trapper peak winery

nebraska —  james arthur vineyards

nevada —  churchill vineyards

new hampshire —  la belle winery

new jersey — laurita winery

new mexico —  gruet winery

new york —  anthony road wine co.

north carolina —  treehouse vineyards

north dakota —  red trail vineyards

ohio —  firelands winery

oklahoma —  gander way vineyards

oregon —  raptor ridge winery

pennsylvania —  hauser estate winery

rhode island —  newport vineyards

south carolina —  carolina vineyards

south dakota —  prairie berry winery

tennessee —  arrington vineyards

texas —  llano estacado winery

utah —  castle creek winery

vermont —  shelburne vineyard

virginia —  barboursville winery

washington —  rotie cellars

west virginia —  watts roost vineyard

wisconsin —  simon creek vineyard

wyoming —  table mtn vineyards

from the…”Department of Blue”

2 07 2013

We focus on doing one thing, that is, we play in one space. Food and Spirits. We like to think we do a good job for our clients, provide meaningful, engaging content and at the end of the day, make some meaningful connections between our clients (restaurants, wineries, food purveyors, breweries, distilleries) and their audience….their potential clients.

SLO Down Wines (not one of our clients) put together a suite of 3 spots as noted below….go ahead and click thru and watch the spots. Go ahead….you know you want to!

slo down screen shot

…..and that’s what they’re playing on.

So, when you’ve named your wine “Sexual Chocolate”, it’s made to 14.5% ABV and your website doesn’t have age gates, it’s safe to say that being salacious is not a concern for you. They seem to have their target demo right in their sights, are aiming at it and may or may not be scoring. It seems to be a theme, well, actually, THE theme with the brand.

Salacious takes some cohones, but, let’s face it, it’s easy.

We’re not in favor of easy. We’re in favor of honesty. Sure, we like the irreverence that they bring to the table here, and it certainly is going to get them some noise, but is all noise good noise?

Easy is trite. It’s temporary. It’s a one hit wonder.

Creating is where the talent lies. Clever is clever. Real connections come not from how raunchy you can make your campaign…that’s just self-righteous.  They come from how interested you can make your audience WITHOUT resorting to a journey down “the easy road.”

Let us show you how we can CREATE, be CLEVER and in so, CONNECT you with your audience. Genuinely!


Food Photography Friday #fpf

14 06 2013

Some wonderful wine at the 7% Solution tasting a few weeks back. We also did an infographic on it.

fpf massican.jpg

Food Photography Friday #fpf

7 06 2013

Happy #FoodPorn Friday! #fpf

fpf panther creek shea barrel 060613