Contest Winner Announced!!!!

11 06 2013
Baby Berries

Baby Berries

For those who aren’t familiar with us, chow | studios is a creative design studio focusing on still and moving imagery, graphic & logo design and digital content creation and management for the artisan food, beverage and restaurant industry.

To celebrate the launch of our re-designed website at we announced a contest to give away a full service imagery photo and film package (worth $5000) to an artisan or restaurant deserving of the prize. We had some great entries and while tough, we narrowed it down to the two top entries: Saucy restaurant of Ukiah, CA and Heringer Estates Family Vineyard and Winery of Clarksburg, CA

It was obvious that both of these entries had some keen thought put into them! Nice work!  So for us, the big question…..  artisan restaurant or family winery??  Video submission or no??

We went back and forth. Both entrants seem well connected, both have plans to use the content well and both fit the requirements that we had for entries.

In the end, we just couldn’t decide. They’re both very deserving…..

…, we’re giving it away to BOTH of them. Each will receive an premium imagery promo package that’s worth $5000.

We’ll go to their locations and make some great movie and still magic, do some editing back in the studio and post it when it’s complete. Expect the final product in the next 6 weeks or so.

Thanks to all of the other entrants. We’re thankful that they took time to submit. We appreciate your interest and we’ll be sure to another contest soon. Please stay tuned to our blog.

We’re excited to do this and have some fun with the final content produced!



Contest Entries Closed.

10 06 2013

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest for a complete $5000 imagery package. Entries are now closed and we’ll make the announcement of the winner as soon as we’ve contacted the winner.

For those of you who were contemplating entering, here’s a taste of what you might have won if you would have entered:

Chateau Montelena

Contest Entries Extended

3 06 2013

We’ve extended the entry date on our full imagery package contest by one week to allow for a few more last minute entries we heard might be coming in. We’d like everyone to have the opportunity to enter and have a chance at the $5000 package, so be sure to get your entry in by sending email to with your name and contact info.  Entries will now close on June 9, 2013 at 11:59PM.

Click here for more info on the contest.

We Love You All. Really, We Do!

10 05 2013

Our contest entries are going well and we wanted to make sure that you knew that the contest is open to everyone who’s involved with food and isn’t a conglomerate. 

restaurant owner= yes, gelateria owner= yes, dairyman/woman/family cheese maker= yes           

fast food restaurant owner= no, more than 30 flavors gelateria shop= no, cheese company that has those stupid commercial with the kids trying to say their name in italian with the hand thing = NO! nfw!

We could certainly get more noise going by allowing any entity to enter, but we’re focusing on our core, both in target and what we focus on. We want to see the passion in your food, your place, your business for that’s what we can truly show off with great imagery. If the story would be about corporate profit, or mass production, we couldn’t do that.


You — be soulful and passionate. be involved, social

Us  — let that passion be seen, be admired and engage people





We’re Giving it Away Like Fruit Cake at Christmas!!

7 05 2013

We’re in a celebrating mood with the launch of our new website –, so we decided to run an image package contest.

Sound and images engage viewers, conect people with places, create emotion, and call people to action. Every company should be actively connecting with their customers using images on a regular basis. Check out our portfolios for food and wine

Problem is, high quality, beautiful stills and film content can be quite expensive for artisans with limited marketing budgets.

At chow|studios, we focus on one thing: Great imagery for restaurants and artisans of food and beverages.

(here’s something we did for our friends at St. Supery in Napa Valley)

So…. here’s the deal….

One Artisan company will win a complete imagery package including stills of products, food, bottles, locations, etc…. (a total of approximately 10 images) and a HD film of approximately 2-5 minutes for use as in their social media, marketing and similar efforts.  We’ll bring a whole bunch of gear to your place (or shoot on location or in our product studio) and take and make some magic over a period of a day or two. We’ll edit the content into a piece that capture the spirit and life of your company and vision (we’re not making TV commercial spots, here) and work with you or your web/creative teams to post/deliver the content to your site and help you use it in everyday marketing.

This is pretty much almost entirely completely free……it will cost you zero, zip, nada….but there’s a catch (hey, all good things have a catch….right????)

The winner will be selected based on what they’re offering us in they way of opportunity to make some great imagery as well as their desire to shamelessly promote, exploit and make use of the content we provide, as well as the opportunity, in general. Again, WE DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY. We want you to take what we produce for you and run with it. New website images, new blog posts, new tweets, new whatever!!!!! Use it to get more customers, more awareness and more connections.

Criteria — What we’re looking for:

Excitement! Are you into this? If you’re not excited about it, then the stuff we spend alot of time on just sits on the shelf and it doesn’t do anyone any good.

Buzz! If you’re connected, then this will help you connect more and connect better…if you’re not really focusing on connections, that’s cool, but this won’t fix that at all and again, won’t do anyone any good.

Location: If you’re a virtual company or winery or in a small industrial facility, we got it covered and can make it look great or approach things from a different angle.  If you’ve got a beautiful place, then let’s show it off….but it’s not just about an extravagant we love finding beauty everywhere. It’s all around us and it doesn’t depend on how many acres, rooms, cases, barrels, cave or whateverelse you have.

People: Your team loves working for you and wants to be involved. Let them tell us..we wanna hear it in their words, too!

Global!: We don’t care where you are. We’re up for a road trip! (but if you’re not within 100 Miles of San Francisco, you’ll pay travel expenses.) South America, South Africa, Europe…even New Mexico!   Wherever you are, if you’re into it and you’re paying for travel, we’re there!

Intangibles:  US: We like warm and fuzzy feelings, unique stories that need a voice and craft. We’re creative types.  You: Think outside the box. Ttell us about you and your story and give us your best shot. We guarantee we’ll give you OURS!


Send email to with your contact info (don’t forget to tell us how to call you on the phone and tell you that you’ve won so you can scream like you just won tickets to see Milli Vanilli) and tell us a bit about you, your company and your story. What ideas do you have? How do you already connect with your customers? What do you already wish you had, but haven’t had the budget or time to complete?

Submissions are due by midnight, June 9, 2013. Winner will be announced on this blog, our facebook page and on twitter the week of June 11, 2013.

Rules: (the fine print from the counselors at the shameless promotion media department)

Input on the theme, feel, spirit of the piece(s) from the winner is crucial, however, final creative & editorial approval remains solely with chow | studios.

A non-commercial semi-exclusive license will be granted for the completed work(s) product(s).

The contest/prize has no cash value.

Do not operate heavy machinery while submitting an entry for the contest.

Consult your doctor if you experience dizziness or tingling when submitting an entry. there you go…have fun with this. Let’s see what you’ve got!

(for questions/clarifications, please email )

New Site, New Stuff, New Contest

6 05 2013

It’s been a long time in the making, but today, we’re launching our new site –  We hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out a simple look at what, why and how we do what we do at chow | studios. We’ve got two new portfolios and new pages on how and why that will give you insight on our credo, our vision and why we trust that you’ll choose us for all your imaging and design work.

Please check us out at and give us some feedback either here as a comment or on the site under the “contact us” page.

Now, for even more exciting news. With the new site and the new intro we’re launching, we thought it’s about time for a new contest. Stay tuned! tomorrow we’ll announce the details of the contest and how you can win a full service imaging package for your winery, vineyard, artisan food or beverage company or restaurant.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for your support of chow | studios.

Your feedback is invaluable and we look forward to making what you make look amazing!!!