FoodPhotography Friday #fpf

4 10 2013

We’re back to our more regularly scheduled programing of FoodPhotography. Harvest is pretty much wrapped, so back to the FOOD in FPF

Carmel Budino.

fpf 100413 caramel budino saucy resto.jpg


FoodPhotography Friday #fpf

27 09 2013

It was a great harvest this year. Most folks are already completely done with their pressing and everything is in tanks and will soon be wine.

Here’s a tribute to harvest : a 200 year old bottle of port from the Alto Douro.  (for those who are more into the food and less into the wine, we’ll move back to food next #fpf)


fpf 092713 200 year port bottle

Food Photography Friday #fpf

23 08 2013

Happy #foodphotography Friday from Sonoma County, the heart of California Wine and Food Country!

fpf 082013 diavola pecorino toscana in case

Food Photography Friday #fpf

16 08 2013

Culinary syrup from Republic of Jam, Carlton, OR

fpf 081613 ROJ rhubarb lime syrup

Food Photography Friday #fpf

12 07 2013

Happy #foodporn #friday!!!!

fpf 071213 eugene barn wine tasting

Food Photography Friday #fpf

5 07 2013

Happy #FPF – We hope you had a great 4th celebration full with friends, family, food and beverages.

This wonderful wine is from the Canary Islands. Taken at a recent wine tasting in Healdsburg, CA

El Ciruelo (The Plum)

Food Photography Friday #fpf

21 06 2013

Happy #foodphotography Friday!  #fpf

Saffron Cookies, Portugal.

fpf 062113 esporao cookies