Infographic – The Northern California 7% Solution

3 06 2013

A unique group of winemakers recently gathered to showcase their wines to the public in a unique forum. Entitled “The 7% Solution”, a play on the title of the film from the 1970s, this forum showcased only varietals from 7% that are NOT the top ten varietals grown, or 93% of the wine grapes grown in Northern California. KCET posted a nice article about it.

We compiled an infographic to further illustrate the disproportionately few number of varietals grown in the 93% of acres grown to winegrapes in Northern California.

Please take a look at the infographic and please do share it. It’s quite interesting to see where things are going with regard to varietals that are popular, and those not quite as popular. Also illustrated are the relative popularity of some varietals in Northern California compared to other places in the world.

There’s a great deal of data to explore and it took some digging (an a bunch of massaging of excel) to distill some of this information and present it in a more easily digested medium.

7 percent infographic final image