Leaders Don’t Belittle….They Inspire!

5 06 2013

This Microsoft ad from Crispin Porter + Bogusky went viral and it struck an odd note here at the studios. Take a peek at it…it’s entertaining and on the surface, cute and funny.

So, what does it say? We’re lead to believe that the tablet running Microsoft is a superior product for a myriad of reasons and then we’re led to believe that the iPad is only capable of, or is best suited, for those who’s skill level is that of playing chopsticks, parodying the recent iPad mini ad.

What rubbed us the wrong way, and it took a bit of digesting to get it right is that this ad does a few things that are VERBOTEN the way we look at it.

First, it belittles the competition with the chopsticks reference and then, as a consequence, it isolates future customers.  Additionally, it cedes its stance and genuflects to the iPad. We all know that the iPad is the leader, but we don’t ever want our customers to appear to be chasing from behind as the Windows tablet does here with the comparison to the iPad.  It looks like they’re wishing or floundering or begging….all things inferring that they’re not capable of being the leader.

Two more things: First, people aren’t looking for the most productive tablet, or phone or any other PED. They’re looking to fit in, looking to be cool and looking to be recognized as the kind of person worthy of a product like the iPad. They’d like you to believe that they’re cool by having cool PEDs.  Does the PED have to fit the need? Yes. Does it have to be productive? Sure., but you’re not going to make converts by saying that you can out PowerPoint the iPad.  Microsoft continues down this path for the Nth year. Apple took a different path many years ago as well.

  • Cool is cool, productivity is not cool
  • Don’t cede your position to your competition…regardless of where you are in rank. You’re already on your way to failure if you have.
  • Don’t belittle. Leaders inspire, they don’t belittle. People may not remember what you say, but they will always remember the way you make them feel. In the future, you need the people you are currently belittling if you want to be a leader. What are you asking of them?